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We are open: COVID-19 update

COmotion will be returning to live classes on Wednesday 23rd September 2020 in our new temporary venue, St Anne's Church in Bagshot.

Please read below our COVID guidelines on how we are making COmotion safe and COVID secure including staggered arrival and pick up times. If you wish to see our risk assessment please contact us to request a copy.

We have spaces available for new students. If you would like to sign up for a FREE TRIAL CLASS, fill in the contact form on the website or call us on 07729214655.

Please do find an overview below too.  

  • Three separate class bubble
    • Children will stay within their age group class bubble; Juniors, Juniors Plus and Seniors.
  • Teachers will stay at least 1 metre preferably 2 metres away from the students.
  • We will encourage all children to socially distance where possibleand will have printed signs reminding children and staff to do so.
  • Parents must social distance when dropping off or collecting their child.  Only one adult per family group will be allowed to pick up and drop off
  • There will be staggered drop off and pick up times to ensure social distancing, but siblings may arrive together:
  • We will provide hand sanitising stations for staff and children.
  • All personal belongings need to be kept to a minimum. Children will be able to bring the following with them:
    • Sealed bag/rucksack containing pen or pencil script and water. They may also bring hand sanitiser or PPE if needed. 
    • Plus, any necessary prescribed medication i.e. Epi Pen or inhaler. Please ensure all your equipment is labelled clearly
    • All children must have a folder with them to keep any paperwork given to them
    • No food must be eaten on the premises unless it is a medical requirement. 
  • Any scripts or song sheets given to children in class will be clearly named and will only be used by that child to avoid cross contamination. These should be placed into their own folders and taken home with them. Any paper left behind will be disposed of.
  • In line with government guidelines on singing indoors, we will not be singing in large groups for the time being.
  • There may be a temperature checkon arrival
  • In dance and movement sessions, children will be asked to maintain a two-metre distance from one another
  • In the event that your child shows symptoms, they will be taken to a separate space where a member of staff will wait with them and a call will be made home to ask for the child to be picked up.
  • Anyone displaying symptoms must take a test immediately. If the test is positive, we must be notified according to the government track and trace guidelines. All parents will then be notified and will be advised accordingly.

Your family's safety is extremely important and therefore we are following all the current guidelines to make sure our environment is a healthy and happy one.

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