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Bugsy Malone - October 2010

Venue: Connaught Junior School, GU19 5JY Bagshot
October 2010

Bugsy Malone is the story of the do gooding gangster trying to save Fat Sam and his gang from the evil clutches of Dandy Dan. With a famous and energetic score, wonderful script and lots and lots of splurge guns, Bugsy Malone is a timeless classic to be enjoyed again and again.

Cast List

Bugsy  Dan
Blousey  Lucy
Fizzy  Bradley
Tallulah  Tasha
Fat Sam  Molly
Dandy Dan  Sam

Tallulah’s Gang:
Bangles  Sophia
Loretta  Eimi
Velma  Isobel

Fat Sam’s Gang:
Louis Beth
Snake Eyes  Ellen
Knuckles  Lily

Dandy Dans Gang:
Yonkers  Erin
BennyLee  Darcy

May, Erin, Darcy, Orla, Sophia, Eimi, Isobel, Emma, Kiah, Reece




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